Over the last years electric mobility has seen a rapid rise in the Netherlands, amounting to more than 125.000 electric vehicles of which approximately 10% is fully electric. The charging infrastructure, consisting of public, semi-public and fast charging points, has evolved as well, with almost doubling itself each two years. Furthermore, companies in the Netherlands have taken some important steps regarding the interoperability of the charging infrastructure, and recently the Living Lab Smart Charging has been created to pioneer in the field of charging EVs with solar and wind energy. This makes the Netherlands a frontrunner on multiple aspects in the field of electric mobility.

This knowledge and hands-on experience has been combined in E-Mobility Partners, which stimulates the cooperation between German and Dutch organizations on electric mobility related themes. The aim is to establish cooperation between governments, knowledge institutes and companies from both countries.

E-Mobility Partners focuses on the following relevant themes:
– Urban Mobility
– Inner City Distribution
– Charging Infrastructure

Within the partnership, there are several organizations that have solutions to these themes. The partnership also involves strategy development with cities and regions to support decision makers in their search for professional policy making and making correct decisions regarding electric mobility.

Program 17 July
11:00 Welcome and intro by City of Utrecht
11:15 Workshop challenges and solutions in Sustainable Inner City distribution (APPM / Stint / EMOSS / FIER)
12:30 Networking Lunch
13:30 Workshop Smart Charging / interoperability (APPM / Greenflux / ELaadNL)
14.45 Short break
15:00 Workshop Urban Mobility Solutions (DOET / City of Utrecht / WeDriveSolar / FIER)
16:30 Networking and drinks

Besides the workshops there is a continuous presentation of vehicles and charging solutions from the consortium partners, such as Stint, EMOSS, Foundation ELaadNL, GreenFlux, LastMileSolutions, Chargepoint Europe, VHE Industrial Automation and the Dutch national branch association of Electric Mobility DOET.
Our showroom (inside and outside) is also open on 17th July 2018 for our German partners and their stakeholders to present vehicles and charging solutions.
In cooperation with the City of Amsterdam and Economic Board Utrecht, the City of München and the Dutch Consulate in München we would like to invite all relevant stakeholders to our ‘innovative showroom’ and have open discussions about challenges and solutions.