RadiJet develops and produces the Range Extender, which is exactly what many E-cars have been short of to be able to compete with standard cars, in terms of flexibility and range. It runs on various kinds of fuel and has a very low noise and emission level.In the development of RadiJet’s Range Extender, DIS was responsible for implementing a BLDC motor controller and a Booster. DIS selected a Texas Instruments-based evaluation kit as the basis for a series of proof-of-concept implementations.DIS initially chose to implement the BLDC motor controller and the Booster as two separate units, in order to test their individual performance. Hereafter, the two complex algorithms had to be merged in order to be executed in the same program.The merge between the two algorithms was successful and RadiJet now has a platform, on which they can continue the validation tests. Among others, the Range Extender is used for E-cars and CHP systems.

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Die Firma CREADIS hat ihren Sitz in Ansbach und verfügt ebenfalls über FuE-Kompetenzen in den Bereichen Elektronik sowie Navigation.

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